1 adjective
1 BE WARM slightly hot, especially pleasantly: a warm bath | I hope we get some warmer weather soon. | keep sth warm (=stop something from becoming cold): I've put your dinner in the oven to keep it warm.
2 FEEL WARM feeling slightly hot, or making you feel this way: Are you warm enough? | keep warm (=wear enough clothes not to feel cold): Make sure you keep warm!
3 CLOTHES/BUILDINGS clothes or buildings that are warm can keep in heat or keep out cold: Here, put on your nice warm coat.
4 FRIENDLY friendly in a way that makes you feel comfortable: a warm, reassuring smile | a warm welcome: Please give a warm welcome to our special guest!
5 COLOUR colours that are warm are red, yellow, orange, and similar colours
6 as warm as toast pleasantly warm
7 CORRECT used especially in games to say that someone is near to guessing the correct answer or finding a hidden object: You're getting warmer.
—opposite cold 1 (13)
8 make it/make things warm for sb informal to cause problems for someone in order to punish them
9 warm scent/trail a smell or path that has been made recently, which a hunter can easily follow
10 ANGRY/EXCITED AmE fairly angry or excited: The atmosphere in the meeting grew warm .
—see also: keep sb's seat warm keep 1 (4) — warmness noun (U) 2 verb also warm up
1 (T) to make someone or something warm or warmer: Here, warm yourself by the fire.
2 (I) to be heated
(+ in/by/on): There's some soup warming in the pot. warm to sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to begin to like something, or someone you have just met: Bruce didn't warm to him as he had to Casey.
2 to become more eager or excited about something: warm to a theme/subject/topic etc: The more she spoke, the more she warmed to her subject.
warm up phrasal verb
1 MAKE WARM (I, T) to become warm or to make someone or something warm: warm sb/sth up A brandy should warm you up. | If you're ready for your dinner I'll warm it up.
2 DO EXERCISES (I) to do gentle physical exercises to prepare your body for dancing, sport etc: The athletes are warming up before the race.
3 MACHINE/ENGINE (I, T) if you warm up a machine or engine or it warms up, it becomes ready to work properly
4 PARTY (I, T) if a party warms up, it starts to become enjoyable: Don't go, things are just starting to warm up.
5 BECOME CHEERFUL (I, T) to become cheerful, eager, and excited, or to make someone feel this way: warm sb up: He warmed up the audience by telling them a few jokes.
—see also: like death warmed up/over death (9) warm up to sth phrasal verb (T) AmE to warm to someone or something 3 noun the warm especially BrE a place that is warm: Come into the warm! 4 adverb wrap up warm to put on enough clothes so that you do not feel cold

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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